Tx360EU Nasal Applicator

The Tx360EU Nasal Applicator was developed by a biotech research and development company in the United States. This medical device is currently being manufactured in Libertyville, Illinois, USA.

Tx360EU nasal applicator has a soft needle extension that allows the anesthetic agent to be delivered directly on to the sphenopalatine foramen. The result is instant headache relief, expected from a nerve block. The treatment takes less than 30 seconds, and most patients report pain reduction within a few minutes.


How it Works


Because the SPG is located deep in the nasal cavity, a normal nasal spray cannot reach the desired location. Unlike other nasal sprays, the revolutionary, Tx360EU nasal applicator is designed to be gently inserted into a patient’s nose, as they sit, and deliver medication precisely and consistently to the area of the SPG.

The Tx360EU is not a headache treatment per se, it is a medication delivery device that transforms a SPGB into a quick, simple, comfortable procedure. As a result, practitioner can safely and efficiently perform the SPGNB as frequently as necessary for the purpose of restoring the normal physiologic function of the parasympathetic outflow in the cranial region – resolution of your headaches.

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Tx360EU Live Instruction Video