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In this day and age, many people are looking towards alternative treatments to treat what ails them. There seems to be a consistent decline in the faith people place in the magic of modern medicine. In many cases, the treatments prescribed by the medical establishment for various ailments have a number of risks associated with them. In some cases, the treatment regimens are more difficult for the patient to deal with than the illness itself. It is no wonder that people are looking towards alternative treatments and therapies.
Menopause affects women from all walks of life. Doctors would have you believe that there is something wrong with you, and will likely prescribe a daily regimen of drugs to combat the symptoms. The truth of the matter is quite different, however. Menopause is not an illness. It is a naturally occurring process associated with aging and fertility. Naturally, these changes will have a profound affect on a woman. The ancient Japanese practice of Reiki may provide some relief from the effects of those changes.
The word Reiki means universal life energy, and originated in Japan when a scholar named Mikao Usui set about to learn more about the healing practices as mentioned in various ancient texts. It is a non-invasive healing therapy that attempts to balance the human energy system. This, in turn, assists the body in the process of healing itself. The main factor in the way menopause affects the individual is an imbalance in hormone levels. These hormone imbalances account for many of the symptoms of menopause including, cramps, migraines, hot flashes, and emotional instability.
As Reiki is known to bring balance to the various systems within the body, it has the ability to bring relief to those suffering from the effects of Menopause. Over time, Reiki has been known to normalize menstrual cycles, reduce migraines and cramping, and lessen the frequency of hot flashes. Reiki has the potential to do for you naturally, what your doctor hopes to do with prescription drugs. It may be worth looking into. Your health and quality of life should be the central focus of any therapy, and Reiki may be the key to unlocking your ability to heal yourself naturally. If you are experiencing the symptoms of Menopause, be sure to research the many alternative therapies available to you. Your health hangs in the balance.

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