oTension Headaches—The Most Common Headache

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oTension Headaches—The Most Common Headache

Headache is a very common health problem. It is often associated with pain in the head, which includes the eyes and the ears, the area behind the head and the upper part of the neck. Oftentimes it occurs without a specific cause as well. There are many kinds of headaches, which are classified according to the location of the pain and the symptoms it brings.

According to the International Headache Society there are more than 150 types of headaches. But the most common of them all is tension headache, which according to specialists represents about 60 percent of all headaches. Even though this kind of headache is rampant, a lot of people don’t really understand this kind of health condition.

These headaches according to specialists are caused by muscle contraction in the head area. Tension headache is said to be caused by bad posture, long hours of sitting or driving, incorrect sleeping habits because of the stress it brings to the head area. Other factors that contribute to tension headaches are emotional stress and depression. This illness normally disappears when the period of stress is over.

Usually a headache starts in the morning and lasts until the afternoon. Because of this illness work related absences occur, sleepless nights are encountered, and irritability therefore follows. There are times that people are hospitalized because of headaches. Which means that severe and frequent headaches can be very costly. Over 40 percent of Americans experience headaches. And of course a lot of them often complain of the pain and discomfort it brings.

None of us want to have a headache that would last for hours or even for a day sometime. Sudden attacks of headaches are sometimes inevitable and may occur several times a day. People with headaches also limited to join activities in work, family and leisure. Because of this growing health problem, specialists have developed drugs to treat this problem.

A scientific breakthrough that combines of acetaminophen and butalbital are developed by specialists to treat this kind of headache. Acetaminophen acts as a pain reliever and also reduces fever. Butalbital on the other hand is a kind of drug that slows down the nervous system and reduces the contractile force in the muscle that causes headaches.

If you decided to use this medicine, there are certain precautions to be taken. Make sure to tell your doctor if you have unusual allergic reaction to butalbital or acetaminophen. Pregnant and breast-feeding women are not encouraged to take this drug because of the unknown effects it may cause to the unborn baby or infant. Do not take this medication without informing your doctor about your pregnancy. The opinion of your doctor is very important in order for you to make a better decision regarding this drug.

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