Know the Common Birth Control Side Effects of Pills

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´╗┐Know the Common Birth Control Side Effects of Pills

Any form of medication, whether it is a prescription or over-the-counter drug, has certain side effects. As for the intake of birth control pills, the side effects commonly experienced by women are either negative or positive. The effects, however, can be considered negative or positive, depending on a woman’s condition.

Among the positive effects of using birth control pills are lighter flow of menstruation, less cramping, and more precise duration of menstrual period. These benefits are regarded by most women as relief in their everyday lives and productivity. For these reasons, young girls and women talk to their gynecologists to get birth control pills prescription even if they don’t need the pills for its primary purpose of preventing pregnancy.

Despite the benefits brought by using birth control pills, these medications also have adverse side effects that many women find really annoying and distressing. These side effects may trigger a few months after use or after a few years of usage.

To become aware of the most common negative birth control side effects, below is a list to help women decide if they will still pursue going on pills once they know its disadvantages:

1. Headache

Once headache triggers, women who are taking pills are advised to monitor the pain using the pill pack. What needs to be noted is when the pain is worst; whether it is during the active pill intake or in the last week of intake. Remember that estrogen is known to trigger headaches, thus, requiring women to take pills that only contain progestin. Also in some cases, headaches occur when hormone level decreases during the last week of the pill pack, hence, requiring women to change their pill brand.

It is recommended to women who are experiencing headache attacks to track and time the intervals of pain before consulting to their gynecologists. This will help the doctors determine what to prescribe and recommend.

2. Nausea

It is normal for women to feel nauseous on the first few days or weeks of their pill intake. Common advise to most women is to start off with a new pack or to wait for the feeling of nausea to pass.

Best way to deal with nausea is to take the pills on time everyday. Not taking the pills on time will only make the feeling of nausea worse as one needs to double the intake. Many gynecologists recommend the intake of pills before going to bed so that nausea will occur while sleeping.

3. Abnormal bleeding

It generally takes a few months for the menstrual cycle to regulate itself when a women is on pill.

In the first few months, most women may experience small amount of bleeding or a full blown period in between cycle. Although some think that these are indications that the pill is not working, such effects are considered normal. However, when a woman fails to regularly take the pills, irregular bleeding may persists. When this happens, it is highly recommended for women to immediately consult their gynecologists.

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