Herbal packs

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Herbal packs

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Herbal packs

Herbal packs are particularly beneficial for relaxation, in treating inflammation and for relieving congestion. These herbal packs can come in either pillows, heat packs, cold packs and pouches on the chest. Herbal packs are used for back pain, neck pain, eye strain and to give other forms of relaxation. Commercial herbal packs could cost $18 to 35 per herbal pack. Herbal packs have all kinds of filler where certain amounts of herbs are added. Fillers for herbal packs could be wheat or rice, husks of grains, buckwheat husks, cattails seeds, lavender and other herbs. Commercial herbal packs are reusable and can be reheated a number of times of times without losing their effectiveness. These herbal packs are safe to use. And the ingredients of these commercial herbal packs are entirely organic.

You can use catnip as effective herbal packs or pillows for relaxation and to relieve congestion. Just hang the plants up to dry, put them into an old pillowslip and use them as a pillow to aid sleep. You can use other herbs as pillows. Lavender, hops or chamomile are good alternatives. You can use mints herbal pillows to relieve congestion.
For relaxation, use herbal heat packs. To treat inflammation use cold packs. As heat herbal pack, place in the microwave oven for as little time as possible, usually less as a minute depending on the size of the pack. Herbs will lose their effectiveness if heated for a long time especially mints. If the smell of mint has dissipated, you don’t need to make a new pack, just dab on essential oils. The same heat herbal pack can be put in the freezer and used as a cold herbal pack and treat inflammation.

Herbal packs usually contain the following ingredients:

Base content: rice and lavender, buckwheat husks, linseed (for cold packs only), popping corn, other grains, peas or beans and cherry pits.

Herbal content: lavender which is for relaxation, catnip as sleep aid, peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus for congestion, garlic for severe congestion, yucca to treat inflammation and other herbal ingredients. Herbal packs are used to treat the following symptoms:

o General muscle fatigue
o Sciatic nerve
o Back pain
o Arthritic and rheumatic pain
o Tight, still muscles
o Sinus headaches, backaches, joint discomfort or inflammation
o Warming muscle before exercising
o Muscle spasms in neck or upper back
o Ease pain of migraines and TMJ problems

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