Herbal flu remedies

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´╗┐Herbal flu remedies

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Herbal flu remedies

Herbal flu remedies can be used to prevent flu or if you have it, heal the condition. These herbal flu remedies are natural antibiotic herbs that do not destroy microorganism unlike the prescription drugs. These herbs are not harmful to the immune system too which is a possible side effect of prescription drugs. And they promote healthier bodies.

Among the herbal flu remedies are:

Echinacea. This is one of the herbal flu remedies that increase levels of properdin, which activates part of the immune system increasing defense against virus attacks.

Garlic is another of the herbal flu remedies that also boosts the immune system and fight virus attacks.

Ginger is another herbal flu remedies that has antiviral compounds to fight flu.

Vitamin C is one of the herbal flu remedies that provides relief for the flu symptoms and fights body infection. Sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits.

Goldenseal is another one of the herbal flu remedies that has both antiseptic and immune stimulating properties. It also increases blood supply to the spleen. Berberine is one of its key ingredients that activate macrophages or special white blood cells which destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and tumor cells.

Licorice is one of the herbal flu remedies that contains anti-viral compounds that encourages the release of the bodies own anti-viral components known as interferon.

Sage is another of the herbal flu remedies that soothe sore throats and has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

Peppermints are herbal flu remedies that induce sweating and cool the body. It also contains painkiller properties for headaches and migraines.

Lemon balm is one effective herbal flu remedies. It promotes sweating and expels toxins in the body.

Blackberry contains vitamin C and used as a cleansing tea.

Borage has expectorant properties and it induces sweating.

Catnip or catmint encourages sweating and a hot infusion using catnip mixed with hot water is one of the effective herbal flu remedies.

Fenugreek is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and has expectorant qualities and heals flu.

Juniper helps relieves the accompanying congestion in colds, flu and coughs. Put a few drops of oil to hot water and inhale the steam by placing your face over the bowl then cover with towel.

Lemons are rich vitamin C sources which are good herbal flu remedies.

Yarrow contains anti-inflammatory components and it induces perspiration. It is often referred to by herbalists as one of the important herbal flu remedies. It is often combined with elderflower and peppermint for maximum effect. You can also infuse yarrow with chamomile and add it to warm bath.

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