Helpful Tips On Wine

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Helpful Tips On Wine

Chilling your wine

A helpful tip to chilling your wine faster would be to add 1/3 cup of salt to your ice bucket. Wine is cooled faster by salt water which cools by as much as 50% faster than ordinary tap water.


Red wine can cause headaches. This is basically due to the fact that histamine is found in the grape’s skin and is in higher concentration most especially on the red grapes. You can avoid this by taking an anti-histamine 30 minutes prior to drinking red wine.

Stubborn cork

If you are having trouble removing the cork, try placing the bottle neck for 10 seconds in hot water. Temporarily, the glass will expand helping loosen the cork and making it easy for removal.

Cooking with wine

Foods that are browned through broiling, roasting, grilling and baking are best with oaked wines. Foods that are poached, steamed, braised, saled or cooked in clear liquids are best with white wines or reds with subtle oak.

Red wine stains

Citrus based removers can remove red wine stains. You can also mix items like lemon juice and white vinegar that have high acid content with water and dab it on the area to remove the stain.

Storing wine in the refrigerator

Wine can be stored in the refrigerator but not for long. It begins to lose its flavor after two to three weeks.


Champagne and sparkling wines when kept in the fridge will keep their bubbles for even up to 24 hours even after being opened in the same manner like enjoying carbonated soft drinks the very next day after keeping it in the fridge.

Wine as gifts

Wines basically make ideal gifts for men. You will find them in a variety of tastes, colors, packages, wrappings, baskets, etc. Wine gifts are considered elegant and have been becoming the symbol of elite gifts. In general, wine gifts are given with a basket along with sea foods like lobsters or others depending on the recipient’s preference. The wine gifts are elegantly wrapped and may come with accessories like stoppers and corkscrews. Crystal ice buckets, tongs, wine totes and bags, crystal glasses and other wine related accessories would also make great gifts in addition to the wine. Purchasing wine online Many wine gifts can now be purchases online with the many online stores offering a good selection of wine. You even have the option of giving a wine gift certificate to enable your recipient to have his choice of wine from the online company’s collection.

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