Headaches and Dizziness

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Headaches and Dizziness

A headache can ruin anyone’s day. It doesn’t matter if the person is still studying or already working because this can happen anytime without any warning.

People who experience headaches will say things like the head feels like it wants to explode. Others feel like the world is caving in or someone with large hands is squeezing the life out of the person.

A headache can be controlled if this is a minor case. Those who are experiencing mild or extreme case will feel much worse

Aside from pain in the head and in other parts of the body, the individual will also be experiencing dizziness. This occurs when the person is suffering from a tension, migraine or sinus headache even if the root causes are different.

Most people who experience a headache will not be able to think straight or able to do any work. Even if it is mild attack, the person should go to the nurses’ office like those available in the school or office infirmary.

When the individual is able, it will be a good idea to go to the hospital so a thorough examination can be done and proper treatment can be given. Some patients will be advised to stay at home for a few days while others will be given medication to make it go away.

The headache with dizziness experienced by the person can be episodic meaning this occurred because of the current situation in school or at work. If there is no let up after two days, this is classified as chronic since many sufferers claim this can last for more than 15 days in a given month.

In either case, those who are suffering will be able to overcome this problem by determining its root cause. This could be a side effect from current medication, not eating enough nutrients during each meal or not being able to get enough rest.

The simplest thing to do to make it go away will be to stop taking the medication but if this is really needed, perhaps the doctor can recommend another brand that will not cause any side effects.

The indivividual will have to eat healthier food or use supplements. Lastly, the person should get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily since this is the only way for the body to recharge the energy that was spent during the day.

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