Getting Rid of Chronic Headaches

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Getting Rid of Chronic Headaches

It was two weeks ago when I first experienced having this really painful headache which lasted for almost half an hour. I thought it was all because I lacked sleep the night before and I was already stressed with work. I decided to take a pain killer that time and was relieved immediately after an hour. I thought that was the last of it. After two days, I started having that painful headache again so I continued taking pain killers. I told my superior that I had to go home early that day so I can have enough sleep and avoid having those headaches again. To my surprise, however, the headaches keep coming despite my renewed habit of having enough time for sleeping. I thought it was all because of the high level of stress I usually experience at the office which made me decide to take that much deserved one week leave.

Unfortunately, the headaches just would not go away. It was then that I got alarmed by my situation and I immediately went to the hospital for a check-up. The first thing that my doctor asked me was to relate to him the circumstance when I first noticed having the headaches, then to describe the nature or characteristics of my headaches itself. So I told him about my job, how I often lacked sleep, and how the heightened stressfulness in the office must have triggered the pain. I also told him that the headaches just keep coming, especially during midday, the strong and prolonged pain which I feel at the front and back portions of my head. After some more questioning, he sent me to undergo some laboratory tests as well as to have my head scanned for a possible tumor, maybe. However, after the results came out that very same day, my doctor explained to me that my chronic headaches might be what are often known as tension headaches. According to him, the causes of tension headaches are not really known, but some recent studies indicate that this condition has something to do with improper posture and the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. In the end, I was advised to correct my posture and change some of my positional habits at home and in the office. The doctor also suggested that a massage session will do me some good. Finally, I was prescribed a muscle-relaxant called Butalbital.

Basically, I was prohibited from slouching. I always have to make sure that my posture is right when seated and while standing. I would rather be more mindful of always having a proper posture. It was something easier for me to do, though I sometimes forget, than to frequently be bothered by chronic headaches. I especially liked the part of being “prescribed” to have a massage. Finally, now I have a valid reason to do something I have wanted to do for so long but get postponed frequently. Getting a massage is a matter of life and death for me now, though that would obviously be a bit exaggerating. I have always wanted to drop by the newest spa center across our office. The massage is indeed the best prescription I have received by far, that is aside from the Butalbital that has largely contributed to relieving the pain immediately.

This experience had somehow become a wake-up call for me. I realized that I had been taking my health for granted. It was only after I had suffered the consequences that I learned how fragile my health is. Fortunately, it was not too late for me to change.

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