Brain Tumors

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Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is a type of growth that develops on or around the brain. Some of them are very small and others are larger than you could imagine. They can result in the brain being pushed against the skull so the person has severe headaches. They can also affect the thinking process and the neurological path of a person.

Generally, tumors don’t start in the brain but they can spread there from other parts of the body. People of all ages can develop them for a variety of different reasons. A person may start to have symptoms that a brain tumor is present. They include frequent headaches, nausea, they notice their speech or their balance is different, or they experience memory loss. They may have more than one symptom at a time and they will vary in severity.

In many people, brain tumors develop as the result of cancer cells that have spread to the brain. Those that do are referred to as malignant in nature. They are considered to be life threatening because they will continue to grow. As they do they will consume the healthy tissues in the brain. They will also cause swelling in the brain against the cavity that supports it.

Those types of brain tumors that don’t contain any cancer cells are known as benign. They aren’t generally life threatening but they can be if they are in a certain part of the brain or they continue to grow. A doctor will do a CAT SCAN to determine if a brain tumor does exist. If so the next step it to complete testing to find out if it is benign or malignant.

Surgery to remove a brain tumor is more common today than ever before. Many individuals are able to make a full recovery. Most benign brain tumors won’t grow back after they have been successfully removed. Malignant brain tumors can grow back though so they have to be carefully watched.

There are plenty of risks involved in removing brain tumors and the patients must be aware of them. Not everyone with a brain tumor is a candidate for surgery though. It will depend on their overall health. It will also depend on the size and the location of the brain tumor.

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