Advantages and Disadvantages of Estrogen Therapy

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Estrogen Therapy

In the past years, many women have stopped taking estrogen hormones because of the report that it can cause heart disease. Now, researchers have found out that this hormone is not as terrible as what others thought.

Estrogen hormones are helpful in avoiding diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Once a woman has an insufficient number of estrogen in her body, she needs to get a solution to this kind of problem. And the only solution for it is an estrogen therapy.

An estrogen therapy is a therapy for the body, emotional and health-risk factors linked with menopause. It can be in the form of a pill, patch, cream, implant, injection or vaginal ring.

Who should take the estrogen therapy?

There is no exact answer for this since every woman has her own medical record and desires. However, the women who can benefit more from estrogen therapy are those:

• With serious vasomotor symptoms like hot flushes

• More prone of having bone fracture and osteoporosis

• Who have experienced early menopause which is resulted from:

1. Surgery of the ovaries
2. Chemotherapy
3. Malfunction of the ovary

What are the advantages of estrogen therapy?

1. It lessen the threat of osteoporosis
2. It lessen the threat of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease
3. It reduce hot flushes
4. It may reduce mood changes and enhance psychological comfort

Although there are severe threats associated with estrogen therapy, many health practitioner and institutions believe that the helpful result set aside the risk factors. Consider the following statements made by the American Medical Association:

• Estrogen therapy is the only reliable and adequate therapy to maintain system dependents with the hormones in the ovary and to reduce hot flushes.

• Indicative vaginal waste and vaginitis and waste changes of the lower urinary tract with irregular and inconsistent urination are reversible with the estrogen therapy.

• In order to avoid osteoporosis, it requires estrogen replacement.

What are the disadvantages of the estrogen therapy?

1. It increases the threat of uterus cancer

2. It increases the threat of breast cancer especially when used for over 10

3. It can be very dangerous for women who are more prone to blood clotting.

4. It can give headaches or migraines

5. It increases the threat for endometrial cancer

6. It can destroy the liver

With all these advantages and disadvantages presented, it all depends to the person if she wants to have the therapy. However, if you really want to take an estrogen therapy, it would be a nice idea if you discuss the matter carefully with your doctor. Keep in mind that it is your health that will be at stake so, you have to think about it a hundred of times.

Great details and information can be found in the Internet. Having an estrogen therapy could be a very big decision. It is imperative that a woman should be well aware of what she does with her body. This is where the information superhighway, the Internet, could be of valuable help.

Many support grouped and sites dedicated to estrogen therapy could provide invaluable information to many women who are thinking about getting estrogen therapy. Forums and discussions are abound and many women could help each other out. Professional advices are present and women who has undergone the therapy could point out some more advantages and disadvantages about estrogen therapy.

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