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Interesting Aspects of Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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Interesting Aspects of Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia symptoms can become very serious if they are not appropriately dealt with. Many people confronted with the disorder experience an intensification of fibromyalgia symptoms over time. In most patients, the fibromyalgia symptoms also tend to spread throughout the entire body.

Fibromyalgia is a neurological condition that affects the musculoskeletal soft tissues such as muscles, tendons and ligaments. The majority of people with fibromyalgia feel an intense muscular pain and discomfort, also accompanied by a pronounced level of fatigue throughout the whole body. At first, the muscular pain and fatigue usually occur in the upper parts of the body (neck, cervical region, upper back and shoulders), later spreading into other body regions (mid-back, arms, spine, lower back and thighs).

Other fibromyalgia symptoms are unrefreshing sleep or insomnia, physical weakness, poor ability of sustaining physical or mental effort, increased nervous excitability, migraines, short-term memory loss, poor concentration, anxiety, depression and confusion. Patients that are constantly confronted with fibromyalgia symptoms become depressed and have low self-esteem.

In many cases, most fibromyalgia symptoms are misleading in establishing an appropriate diagnose. They are difficult to relate with fibromyalgia, as they also occur to many other disorders and illnesses. Furthermore, the majority of patients confronted with fibromyalgia symptoms appear to be in perfect health and present no physical dysfunctions when they are examined by a specialist. Routine physical examinations and laboratory analysis are usually unable to reveal the presence of fibromyalgia. However, careful neurological examinations performed on people with fibromyalgia symptoms can trace abnormal brain activity, which is considered to be the main cause in generating the disorder.

The process of diagnosing fibromyalgia is performed mostly on patients’ reports of fibromyalgia symptoms and careful neurological examinations. However, there are also other ways of diagnosing the disorder. In all patients, the fibromyalgia symptoms of pain and discomfort seem to be located in specific points on the body, called trigger points or tender points. Although people with fibromyalgia experience different levels of pain in these trigger points, their presence is common to all patients. The presence of nine pairs of trigger points has been revealed in all people who suffer from fibromyalgia. These trigger points are located at the base of the skull, in the region of the neck, shoulders, chest, upper back, mid-back and lower back, buttocks, upper thighs, elbows and knees. The areas that surround the trigger points are also very sensitive and are referred to as tender points.

Fibromyalgia is considered to be a serious condition and it is very important to be revealed in time, in order to establish an appropriate treatment that can ameliorate fibromyalgia symptoms and undesirable effects. The muscular pain seems to be the major fibromyalgia symptom and it has been described in many ways: aching, burning, radiating or stabbing. However, apart from recidivating muscular pain, there are other fibromyalgia symptoms that can become very serious: depression, cognitive dysfunctions, confusion, lack of concentration, accelerated pulse, unstable blood pressure, fever, nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, abdominal swelling, diarrhea. If the disorder is not dealt with in time, it can lead to an aggravation of its symptoms, seriously endangering the lives of the affected persons.

Are You Stressed To The Max? Then Get Help Here! (3)

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Are You Stressed To The Max? Then Get Help Here!

One of the things that is most universal about humanity, is stress. No matter who you are, you have probably dealt with stress more than a few times. But how have you dealt with it? If you don’t have a plan in place for how you will act in a stressful situation, it will be harder to handle. Here are some great stress-busting techniques, so that you are ready for your next stressful situation.

One of the newer practices to reduce stress is using aroma therapy. There are hundreds of plant essences and essential oils that are known to have stress relieving qualities. A scent like lavender is known to produce a feeling of relaxation and calm while geranium will bring down stress levels. These scents can be used to reduce stress while working or while meditating.

Persistent headaches are one of the more common symptoms of stress. That’s why we often refer to an undesirable experience or task as a headache! There could, of course, be other underlying problems that are contributing to headaches but stress should certainly be investigated as one of the more logical culprits.

Stress ends up to be in certain parts of the body more than others, residing there and building up. One of the places stress can build up is in the teeth and face. Stress puts strain on your face and also your teeth, causing certain people to grit their teeth.

One way to relax and become in tune with nature is to start a garden or improve an existing one. Flowers are beautiful and invigorating, and a nicely kept garden is very rewarding. Tending your garden is very therapeutic, and it helps reduce your stress level considerably if you give it a try.

A pretty simple and easy way to relieve stress is to meditate. Meditation allows the body to relax all muscles and rest the mind. While in this relaxed state of body and mind, you are able to release any pent up stress and return to a calm nature.

A great way to deal with your stress is to get regular exercise. Try jogging, biking or swimming three to five days a week for about thirty minutes. In response to exercise, your brain releases endorphins, which help lift your mood and reduce your stress. Not only will you feel better, but you will get in better shape.

Try keeping a journal to help you cope with stress. Getting your feelings down on paper can often help you find solutions to problems or see things from a different angle. Not only that, but the simple act of expressing your concerns rather than bottling them up can help to relieve tension.

Making sure you know ahead of time how you will handle a stressful situation can take the edge off, when you are put in that position. By using these tips to calm down, you begin to take control of your feelings, even if you think it’s impossible to control your environment.

Tips on Spotting Anorexia Symptoms

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Tips on Spotting Anorexia Symptoms

Anorexia is considered to be a serious illness that can even lead to death. Anorexia symptoms should be identified quickly in order to stop it from causing further damage to affected persons. Anorexia symptoms are usually easy to notice, as the disorder causes both physical and psychical changes. Once anorexia symptoms are confirmed, the patient needs to follow an appropriate treatment, involving therapy and a period of physical recovery.

The most important anorexia symptoms are dramatic changes in physical appearance caused by inappropriate eating (usually people who suffer from anorexia have a lower body weight than the average), obsession with body weight, calories, food and exercise, the refuse of eating normal amounts of food, irregular meals, attempts of replacing food with coffee, caffeine-based beverages and diet pills, unusual eating habits and rituals (playing with food, avoiding to swallow food or throwing it away).

People with anorexia have a strong will and keep drastic diets in order to lose weight. Some of them eat less food than their bodies require and often even refuse to eat at all. There are moments when anorexics eat large quantities of food during a single meal, only to later purge it out of their system by vomiting or using laxatives and diuretics.

An interesting aspect in the behavior of people with anorexia is the distorted perception of their own bodies. Even if they are actually underweight, anorexics still consider themselves to be fat. Also, they are never content with how much weight they lose, always trying to become thinner.

Anorexia symptoms include dizziness, lack of concentration, migraines, irritability, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, depression and loneliness. Persons with anorexia isolate themselves from the world, fearing that they won’t be understood by other people. Although they usually refuse any kind of social interaction, deep inside they long for acceptance and guidance. Anorexics experience considerable drops of self-esteem and self-respect and develop feelings of unworthiness. They often complain about their physical appearance, always considering themselves to be fat.

Women and girls who suffer from anorexia experience hormonal imbalances. Due to the lack of vital nutrients, their bodies produce less estrogen than usual, causing irregular menstruation. Sometimes menstrual periods even stop completely in the case of female anorexics that indulge in abstinence from food. Anorexia also affects the fertility of women and girls, reducing their chances of remaining pregnant. Hormonal imbalances also cause bone deterioration, leading to osteoporosis. Women and girls with anorexia have weak bones, teeth problems and fragile fingernails.

Other anorexia symptoms are low blood pressure, irregular heart activity, low body temperature due to bad circulation of the blood, muscular rigidity and abdominal cramps.

People who suffer from anorexia or other eating disorders expose themselves to a lot of dangers. Inappropriate eating and exhausting physical exercises seriously weaken the immune system of persons with anorexia, making them vulnerable to many diseases. It is very important to spot the signs of anorexia before it is too late. Although anorexics deny having a problem, they should be aware of the dangers they expose themselves to and they should be provided with advice, help and support in order to overcome their illness.

A Guide on Switching Birth Control Pills

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A Guide on Switching Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are one of the most common methods of contraception aside from condoms. However, unlike men who just have to look for the right size and fit to find one that is suitable for them, women cannot just use a pack of pills and switch to another for their next cycle. Similar to dating, most women may have to try and endure different pills and their side effects before finding the right one. For women who are thinking of switching birth control pills, below is guide on making the switch as smooth as possible:

1. Discuss plans to switch pills with your gyne.

Your gynecologist is your primary ally in your quest for better sexual health. Discuss the effects of your current pills with your gynecologist and how these affect your daily activities. Your gyne can help you determine whether these side effects are normal or are in excess. If you have a specific brand of pills in mind, confide in your gynecologist. There are two kinds of pills, combination pills and progestin-only pills. Depending on the kind, most pills have similar formulations. Your new pill of choice may have the same formulation as your current pill which will make the switch ineffective.

2. Continue taking your old pill while waiting for the go-signal to switch.

When your gyne warned you about stopping and switching to another pill during the middle of your cycle, heed the advice. Stopping and switching to another pill during the middle of your cycle can cause breakthrough or heavy bleeding and other symptoms like nausea and headaches. Aside from these, switching at the wrong time increases the chances of unwanted pregnancies and decreases the effectivity of the new pill.

3. Take your placebo or inactive pills while waiting.

Birth control pills are usually on 21-day cycles with 7 days of free-pill days before you start on a new pack. If you and your gyne agreed to switch on the next cycle, take your placebo pills during the 7 days in between your cycles. This will cause you to have a period and prime your body for the next cycle and new pills.

4. Use additional birth control method.

Pills need 7 days in your system to be fully effective in preventing pregnancies. So after starting your new pill pack, consider and use another birth control method when you engage in sexual intercourse. Additional birth control methods can come in the form of condoms or spermicides.

5. Give your body time to adjust.

Allow yourself a few cycles of using the new pill before deciding whether it is suitable for you. It is normal to experience irregular symptoms after your first cycle of taking the new pill. It may take a long time before your body can get accustomed to the switch and change in hormones. You may have to endure a few side effects like headaches, excess weight, or heavy bleeding during this adjustment period. If the symptoms really worry you, consult your gyne about them.


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KWD: 20/505 = 3.96%


Policosanol is a unique and natural product that is derived from sugar cane wax and beeswax. It is proven effective at reducing cholesterol levels and some individuals have reasonable natural alternative to the normally prescribed ‘statin-type’ cholesterol-lowering drugs which are quite expensive to use.

Research using the sugarcane-derived form of policosanol has been mainly conducted in Cuba, both in animals and human beings. Policosanol reduces cholesterol levels and has positive effects on other cardiac risk factors because it can effectively reduce platelet ‘clumping’ and inhibit the development of atherosclerosis. 2002 analysis published by the American Heart Journal studied more than 60 clinical trials in more than 3000 patients of sugar cane-derived policosanol. The result of this study led authors to conclude that policosanol is “a very promising phytochemical alternative to classic lipid-lowering agents such as statins.” Since more than 30 million Americans are now taking the expensive drug, this could be welcome news to them. Some studies even revealed that policosanol could be even more than effective than statins or fibrates when it comes to lowering total and LDL cholestserol and raising the ‘good’ cholesterol or HDL levels. Studies showed that patients with standard daily 10 mg dose of policosanol can experience a reduced 17% less total cholesterol, 25.6% decrease in LDL cholesterol and a 28.4% rise in HDL cholesterol. These rates are similar to the results from those using statin medications.

Cholesterol-lowering effects of policosanol manifested in specific groups such as post-menopausal women, elderly, people who have diabetes and heart disease. This herbal medicine also proves effective in treating claudication which is a condition in which poor circulation in the legs can cause severe leg pain especially when exercising. Policosanol reduces the possibility of blood to clot by reducing the ‘stickiness’ of blood platelets, the little particles involved in clotting, it can prevent cardiovascular disease similar to that of aspirin.

Study participants reported very few side effects. Policosanol does not require constant monitoring using the blood tests the way statin medications do. It seemed that there are no major side effects in using policosanol but some people reported weight loss, rashes, migraines, insomnia or drowsiness, irritability, dizziness, upset stomach, nose and gum bleeding. Policosanol is usually taken once or twice a day. Some manufacturers of nutritional supplements combine policosanol with other heart-healthy substances such as coenzyme Q10 and antioxidants.

Possible drug interaction using policosanol could occur. This is because policosanol has blood-thinning properties just like aspirin, so be careful not to take it with other blood thinners such as warfarin (Coumadin) or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Better consult your doctor or a health care provider before taking policosanol. Aside from that, the herbal medicine does not have other known interactions with nutrients or foods. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you must not take policosanol. On some rare cases, policosanol can potentially cause side effects to people who are allergic to bee stings or have food sensitivity to sugar cane. All in all, policosanol is generally a safe herbal medicine to use.

Herbal Alternatives to Smoking

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Herbal Alternatives to Smoking

A lot of people get hooked by this nicotine-charged product, the cigarette. This not only pollutes the environment, but also risks the health of the smoker, and those around them. Today, there are a number of herbal quit smoking products available in the market. These products are supposed to help an individual gradually give up cigarettes and start the journey to a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle. Different problems arise when people are trying their best to quit smoking. These problems include headaches, increased appetite, fatigue, and general aches and pains. By using herbal quit smoking aids, smokers can slowly cut down these symptoms and their consumption of cigarettes. It also helps to ease oneself into the non-smoking world, without the help of smoking medications and other nicotine-based smoking products.

The most common type of herbal quit smoking aid would be the herbal cigarette. This specific cigarette is made from herbs that do not contain nicotine. So rather than reaching for that regular cigarette when one wants to smoke, then start smoking with these herbal alternative. This whole switcheroo can aid with the behavioral associations that one may have with cigarettes. For example, if one is accustomed to smoking right after one wakes up, then one can replace the nicotine cigarette with one of these herbal cigarettes, and would not miss the morning cigarette as much.

Another type of herbal smoking product is the herbal supplement. Instead of taking smoking antidepressant drugs, one can supplement his or her diet with this herbal supplement that can naturally reduce one’s nicotine cravings. There are a variety of different herbal quit smoking products on the market today. These products help to control any depression, moodiness, or irritability that might occur while you are attempting to stop your cigarette smoking.

Without having the aid of synthetic drugs in order to stop smoking, these natural remedies that contain herbs and minerals gives the user a sense of well-being by balancing serotonin levels in the brain. These herbs also work in aiding the normal function of the nervous system. Moreover, the supplement helps prevent headaches and insomnia that might happen during nicotine withdrawal periods.

Many of these herbal quit smoking products must be taken several weeks before one quits smoking. That way, one can be better psychologically prepared for the stress that will ensue once you quit smoking cigarettes.

Whether one is a lifetime smoker, or has only been smoking for a couple of years, these herbal anti smoking products can help in adjusting to a smoking-frees lifestyle. In addition to these herbal smoking products, one might also want to consider joining a support group for smokers.

Getting hooked on cigarettes is, in itself, a form of slavery. Why would anyone want to become a slave to a tiny, paper stick? Like most things in life, the successful eradication of cigarette addiction is best done gradually. By quitting smoking, one is not only seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. The serious quitter is also saving his or her own life.

The Truth About Topamax Dosage For Weight Loss

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Normally, the prescription drug, Topamax (or Topiramate), is used for treatment of epilepsy and the prevention of migraine headaches. But another unexpected side effect of taking Topamax is weight loss. A reported weight loss of 16 percent in adults and 21 percent in children has been recorded. Health care providers have started prescribing certain Topamax dosage for weight loss but only for certain situations. But because Topamax is not recommended or even recognized as drug or medication for weight loss by the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), this becomes an “off label” prescription or use of drug.

An “off label” prescription of a particular drug is used when the particular drug, i.e., Topamax, used to treat a medical condition or disease is not approved by the US FDA. The US FDA will regulate how this prescription drug can be advertised or manufactured by the producing company. However, these same regulations do not actually prohibit a health care provider from prescribing the drug for different medical conditions.

Prescription of a minimum amount of Topamax dosage for weight loss falls under an “off label” prescription. Topamax is primarily used to treat epilepsy and used, in minimal dosage, to prevent migraine headaches. But side effects have shown themselves in patients taking any amount of dosage and weight loss is one of them. To avoid the appearance of these side effects, health care providers recommend a small dose of less than 25 mg daily, split into two doses, which should be at least twelve hours apart. Do not expect a dramatic weight loss, though, as amount of weight lost is still in proportion with a person’s body weight.

Topamax has been prescribed for treatment of weight loss and obesity and to assist in the decrease of the occurrence of binge eating. However, prescription of Topamax for weight loss has also resulted in several undesirable side effects. Health reports have noted that patients who have used Topamax for weight loss have experienced memory loss and difficulty in concentration.

These side effects make it more difficult to tolerate Topamax and make it harder for the drug to work effectively. This is the reason why Topamax will not be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as a recommended prescription drug for weight loss because there is no balance. Prescribing Topamax has proven tricky because an intake of excess dosage can result in undesirable effects that can lead to something more dangerous. Common side effects include a change in taste, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. Dangerous side effects include memory problems, fatigue, confusion and impairment of fine motor skills.

If excess dosage or intake of topamax is ingested, complications may include an overdose, which is apparent through seizures, speech problems, blurred vision, loss of coordination, loss of consciousness and coma, muscle weakness and bone pain. Because of this, despite the result, any amount of Topamax dosage and weight loss is not a good combination. It may lead to undesirable results that can turn fatal.

Cinnamon As Spice And Alternative Medicine

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Cinnamon As Spice And Alternative Medicine

Cinnamon is widely used both in the food and pharmaceutical industry because of its antiseptic properties. The cinnamon bark oil is used as a flavoring for digestive aids, liniments, and oral care products. It is also used in many perfumes, soaps, and lotions. In addition, cinnamon leaf oil is used in the food industry as flavorings to candies, sauces, and pastries. The commonly used ingredient is actually the soft, inner bark of the cinnamon tree.

This spice is now being heralded as the latest in the long line of herbal medicine wonders? According to research findings, one teaspoon of cinnamon contains 28 milligrams of calcium, one milligram of iron, fiber, and vitamins C, K, and manganese.

The use of cinnamon dates back in Chinese medicine to 2800 BC, and is known as “kwai” in the Chinese language. Ancient Egyptians used it in the embalming process of corpses because of its fragrance. Medieval physicians used this spice to treat coughs, hoarseness, sore throats, and other types of infections. Cinnamon also has antibacterial and inflammatory properties that help reduce joint and muscle pain, especially the discomforts associated with arthritis.

Many health specialists advice diabetics to take daily dose of cinnamon to regulate blood sugar levels. It can also benefit one’s health by improving the body’s digestive system and relieve many stomach discomforts.

In aromatherapy, cinnamon oil is used to stimulate and warm the senses, restore vigor, and treat stress and anxiety. Cinnamon oil is also important in strengthening the immune system because its scent is said to treat early stages of cold and fever. The oil of cinnamon is also used as a physical and emotional stimulant, with many believing that it can actually enhance one’s libido.

Medical research also indicates that the scent of cinnamon may reduce drowsiness, irritability, pain, and frequent migraines. In some studies, the essential oil provides relief to tight muscles, ease painful joints, and relieve menstrual cramps in women. Cinnamon also increases the action of enzymes that break down the food in the body and help improve one’s metabolism.

Here are the other health benefits of Cinnamon:

· Studies have shown that just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon included in a daily diet can lower cholesterol.

· Cinnamon may have a regulatory effect on blood sugar, making it especially beneficial for people with diabetes.
· Cinnamon has shown an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant yeast infections.
· A study released by researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Maryland showed that cinnamon reduced the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.
· It has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.
· When added to food, it prevents bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative.
· Smelling cinnamon may boost cognitive function and memory.
· Researchers at Kansas State University found that cinnamon fights the E. coli bacteria in unpasteurized juices.

Indeed, cinnamon has many benefits that can be used to improve one’s health and well-being. If taken together with a balanced, healthy diet and plenty of exercise — one can bring back the spice of life that everyone longs for.

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